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Why "Resume Building" is important ?

Your Resume represents your overal skillsets along with your academic credentials, strength and projects you have accomplished. It is very important that, your resume must be well-formated and pass-through various tools/scripts used now-a-days to scan resumes when shortlisting for second round. Tetralearn can help you
1. Building your resume at an enterprise level
2. Valid and proper respresentation of your skill sets
3. Incorporation of proper tags (used by various scripts and tools to scan the resume soft copies)
4. Circulating resume within Business Network channels

How can I get this service ?

For now, "Resume Building" service is;
1. Completely free
2. Applicable to our students only
3. For any query please mail us at

About the "Resume Builders"

We process your resume for a revamp through various HR channels and Technical Managers;
1. They look into the contents
2. Revamp the contents with proper tags and proper order
3. Re-confirm the revamped outlook
4. COnfirmation of finishing of content and declare the resume as "Ready"